EndoLapV offers surgical services in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Its members are medical specialists graduated from prestigious hospitals in Mexico and have experience in the treatment of kidney, bladder and prostate diseases.


It is the specialty of medicine that treats the diseases of the kidney, urinary tract and bladder in men and women; and diseases of the male genitalia: prostate, penis, testicles. Sometimes these diseases require treatment through surgery, so the urologist has surgical training.

Minimally invasive surgery

Nowadays developments in science and technology permits surgeries to be performed through small incisions in the abdomen using LAPAROSCOPY, or even without making incisions, like in ENDOUROLOGY, in which they are performed surgeries of prostate, bladder, ureter or kidney through the urethra, which results in less pain, faster postoperative recovery and lower rate of complications; thus, patients return more quickly to their homes and to their daily activities.