Dr. Bricio was very kind, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease and confident in what he was recommending for my treatment. He took the least invasive approach to treating my condition and said he would only recommend a more aggressive approach if the least invasive approach did not work. The lesser approach worked! It is frightening to be ill and in a foreign country, but he made both me and my wife feel at ease. I would recommend him for anyone in need of a urologist in Puerto Vallarta.

Bob Peterson

Dr. Salvador is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I recommend his services unreservedly. .. M. Faas

Michael Faas

I had emergency kidney stone surgery on Tuesday. In the OR, the urologist chose this song … to play while the anesthesiologist slowly lulled me into unconsciousness.

Ive never experienced singing along with my surgical team before.. i don’t even know if that’s a thing.. but, it made me feel like we were all in that room for one singular purpose, no ulterior motives. My surgeon was 28, kind, gentle, and openly empathized with me. His surgical skill is the perfect mix of caution and confidence. He still has a bit of experience to gain in camera manipulation fluidity, but otherwise a 5/5 rating (most of y’all know that part of my job is reviewing surgeons’ performance during endoscopic surgeries for state licencing boards..)

And the anesthesiologist… He is one of the founding members of the hospital, and chose to be my anesthesiologist. In my stupor I referred to him as El Patron of the hospital as I was vehemently simultaneously thanking him and apologizing for having a kidney stone… All the while insisting that I needed a mirror just to be able to see what was happening.. (if you know me, you know that is a deep seated need), lol..

Because I’m allergic to opioids, I received the equivalent of an epidural (spinal nerve block).. again, not being able to see the site was anxiety inducing, but he talked me through it and was so very compassionate and cognizant of my wants and needs..

I’ve not ever had an experience at a hospital be so positive.. from making jokes with the ER staff, to welcoming the new shift members each time I was wheeled to a different area.. every person I came into contact with, I was blown away by the sense of these individuals deep commitment to helping others.. for me, I felt kinship and a common sense of purpose reverberating through the entire place. Some true heroes make their impact at Hospital Medassist . Dr. Salvador Bricio
Dr. Raul Mora

Kevin Hager